Inspirational Women

When I realised that International Women’s Day was coming up in the calendar, I started to write a blog post about the inspirational women who inspire me to be a work at home mum, like Mandy Sutcliffe from Belle and Boo. However, as soon as I thought about it, I realised that the absolute inspirations in my life are a lot closer to home. Hope you enjoy reading this really personal post.

Zoes family2

My Mum

My Mum is pretty brilliant. Even though she is 75 she helps my sister who developed ME 6 years ago and needs help with daily life, all by herself since we lost my Dad 9 years ago. She has helped people with her talents for creating all her life, and I watched her all through my childhood sewing dresses and shorts for an Oxfam project sending clothes to African children, and knitting jumpers for them too. She always has a crafty project on the go for others, currently she is knitting for her local premature baby unit. None of my little ones outfits are complete without one of her knitted cardigans! Even though she is in Devon and I am in Cheshire and we don’t see each other as often as we would like due to life she is still always there for me.

My Sister: Sarah

Sarah has had some challenges thrown at her recently- 6 years ago she went from being an almost qualified accountant working full time and running and keeping fit in her spare time to being ill with what we later found out was ME. Since then she has got steadily worse, can no longer work and is pretty much housebound. She has always been my best friend since we stopped fighting as teenagers, and she is always there for me to help me in any way over the phone. She is an inspiration to me in how stoically she bears the changes that have happened in her life, and how much of a good Auntie she is to my kids. I don’t know what I would do without her!

My Mother in Law: Margaret

She seems to be able to do anything! I married quite young and moved far from Devon so away from my mum she has taught me how to sew curtains, recover sofas, juggle children and bring some order to the jungle of my garden. She is just about to start chemotherapy for cancer and yet is still managing to be involved in the lives of her 13 grandchildren.

My childhood friend: Bryony

Bryony is one of those friends that I don’t see often maybe a few times a year, but we can always pick up exactly where we left off. Her eldest child is severely autistic and I greatly admire the way she copes with the challenges it brings, and the extreme sleep deprivation. She is a Super Mum!

Who inspires you? I’d love to hear about inspirational women in your life.


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