Why I craft

Crafting is my work but also my passion (which is how it ended up being my work as well!) I think it’s the best relaxation ever as not only do you get to totally lose yourself in something, you get a gorgeous by product at the end. I’m fascinated to hear why people craft so thought I’d share a bit about why I do.

 I can’t remember not crafting. Its something I did a lot of as a child- I still have a felt jewellery box that I made when I was about 7 that is I embroidered and beaded. I actually can’t believe how neat the stitching is when I look at it now- I clearly was totally absorbed in getting it right.

Made by Zoe, age 7!!

My mum was a huge influence, as she always had crafts on the go- from sewing clothes for herself and us, knitting me and my sister cardigans, cross-overs for ballet and teaching us to cross stitch. My mum has an antique wardrobe that has always been filled with fabric offcuts, patterns, button tins and trims and it was like a treasure chest- I loved getting to look through it and choose things to ‘make’ with. Me and my sister shared a child’s sewing machine and I spent hours learning how to sew lavender bags and scrunchies, and knitted myself my first jumper when I was ten. It was hideous and I wore it once! During school holidays I always had a craft project on the go, and have stacks of cross stitch and tapestry that I did then.

Now, crafting is a release from the day to day ‘stress’ of having four children and working from home running a business serving customers throughout the world through the power of the internet. I say ‘stress’ because of course I love every second of it, but you do need to find something for yourself. As I’m on the go all the time I can’t ever just sit and do nothing, so having a project fills that goal well.

Why do you craft?




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