3 #HappyandHome things

I’ve started to read a few blogs from following @pennyalexander_ on Twitter and I was drawn to them by the fact that on a weekly basis they share about how the things which make you truly happy are just on your doorstep at home. I wanted to do a one off blog about 3 things which make me #HappyandHome this week.

TSH Zoe family pic

  1. Gabriel’s street dance class.

My eldest daughter Rebekah (14) has been helping out as a teaching assistant in the class for about 3 years and ever since Gabriel was old enough to join in a year ago he has been wanting to go, but hasn’t been brave enough. He finds it really hard to try new things and is quite a clingy child, and until recently even having Rebekah there in the class it was still too much of a mental hurdle for him to go and join in. The last few weeks he has really cracked it though, and has been asking every day if its street dance day yet. They have a section of the class where they have to come up with their own ‘cool move’ to show everyone else, and Gabriel has been making us all laugh demonstrating his cool moves for us all the time. They mainly involve some kind of convoluted bunny hop and rolling around on the floor, but its lovely to see him finding his confidence and enjoying something together with Rebekah, who is a huge dance fan, and plans to be a dance teacher when she is older.

 2. Naomi’s steel grit and determination

Everyone trying to build a barricade in front of the TV that takes Naomi (14 months with a daredevil approach to climbing) more than a few minutes to scale. She loves standing in front of the TV and banging on it- hence the barricade. Why oh why did we not go for wall mounted!!?!! Its amazing how many stools, car seats and large toys she can navigate quickly to be back banging on the TV a few minutes later. No one has succeeded so far, and I don’t think we will as she is one determined baby!

3. Word Games with my husband Dave.

My husband Dave is annoyingly brilliant at playing word games, and me and daughter no 2 Esther (12) regularly relax together by playing Boggle with him in the evenings. (If Gabriel is still up he tries to join in and practices writing his letters). We are no match for him at all, and count it as a win if our combined score is half of his! Esther has once managed to beat him on a round, which lives on as a triumph to be remembered forever!

What makes you #HappyandHome?


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