The Organizer Basket – Free Pattern

Tired of laptop cables and chargers getting tangled up, I decided to make a basket to organize them. This basket has handles and a divider to keep different sections separate.

This is a nice quick project to crochet up, due to using chunky yarn and a large crochet hook. It took me about 2 hours from start to finish, so easy to fit in while watching a film or an evenings TV.

The Organizer Basket


Materials needed

Difficultly level: Easy

Time needed: 2 hours

This makes a basket measuring approximately 35cm wide, 10cm deep and 13cm high.

Chain 22

Round One Tr into 4th chain space (1st 3 chain stitches make first treble crochet), tr 17, dtr, ch1, ttr, ch, dtr to turn corner, tr 17, ch1, ttr, ch1, ss to join with 1st treble.

Round Two

Ch3, tr19, (2tr,ch1,2tr) into next space to turn corner, tr2, (2tr, ch1, 2tr) into space to turn corner, tr19, (2tr,ch1,2tr) into next space to turn corner, tr2, (2tr,ch1,2tr) into next space to turn corner, ss to join with 1st treble, cut yarn and pull yarn through to finish.

Add Divider

Decide where you want to place your divider, and pick up and chain 7 times across the wrong side of your crochet, where you have decided you want it to be.

Work 4 rows of trebles, turning work at each end. Cut yarn and finish off.

Basket sides

Choose a point on the base to reattach your yarn, and working through the back loops only, treble crochet all the way around. At the corners where the base was turned, ignore the chain space, resulting in 64 trebles.

Rounds 1-4

Work 4 rounds of treble crochet, joining each round with a slip stitch. When you pass the divider, slip a slip stitch to attach it to the sides of the basket on each side.

Round 5

No need to slip stitch the divider on this round as it is higher than the divider. The handles need forming on this round, so on reaching the short end of the basket (which is 6 trebles long), don’t treble these 6 stitches, instead do 6 chain stitches, before continuing to treble the rest of the way around. Repeat at the other short side.

Round 6

Double crochet this round, including over the chain section forming the handles, and finish off. Weave in any ends and admire your basket!


Add more dividers, make it shorter or deeper, whatever you can imagine.